Whitetop Laurel Falls in Virginia

Whitetop Laurel Falls in Washington County

The Virginia Creeper National Recreation Trail is a 34.3-mile rail-to-recreation trail and home to the small but very scenic Whitetop Laurel Falls! Many folks ride or walk past the Falls every day without even knowing about it!

I love going there with my bike. Parking is readily available and the trail is beautiful.

The easiest access is from a parking area exactly one mile away. It is a flat walk or bike ride to the Falls. As soon as you cross the bridge, look to you right and you will see Whitetop Laurel Falls. 


From Damascus, drive east along Route 58 for 4 miles and enter the parking area to the right. Restrooms are available. Follow the Creeper Trail downstream (to the right) for 1 mile!

Please study my Virginia Waterfall Map for accurate locations.

Trail Map

Whitetop Laurel Falls
Whitetop Laurel Falls (Click to Enlarge)