White Rock Falls in Virginia

White Rock Falls in Nelson County, Virginia

White Rock Falls is one of the “secrets” along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia! Most visitors will stop briefly at the Slacks Overlook then continue their journey not knowing there is a scenic waterfall just down the hill!

19.9-Slacks Overlook
19.9-Slacks Overlook

White Rock Falls do dry to a trickle in mid-summer so it is best to visit after rains or earlier in early Spring. In the heat of summer you can wade in the cool waters below the Falls!

The 2 mile (return) trail is well-maintained with a gentle slope so we rate it an easy hike. Be aware you will hike along a cliff-face near the Falls so keep an eye on the kids!


Park at “The Slacks” Overlook at mile 19.9 along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

White Rock Falls
White Rock Falls Parking Area

You have to cross the Parkway and look for the trailhead slightly to your left.

White Rock Falls
White Rock Falls Trailhead

It is about 1 mile down to the base of the Falls but about halfway down you can explore White Rock Creek to the top of the Falls.

To reach the base, you continue along the trail (slightly uphill at first then down) and circle a high cliff. It is here where you need to watch young children. The last short stretch is steep and slippery at times!

White Rock Falls - The Cliffs
White Rock Falls – The Cliffs

You will find several little waterfalls up and down the Creek so do plan to stay a while and explore.

Trail Map

Trail Map - White Rock Falls
Trail Map – White Rock Falls (click to enlarge)