Where is my Ship docked at Port of Miami (PortMiami) – Cruise Ship Locator

You are driving to PortMiami and wondering where your ship is docked! In this article you can see a real-time location map of all the docked ships at PortMiami (those with location beacons enabled).

If this is your first time at PortMiami, do not be concerned. Once you cross the bridge (or tunnel) to PortMiami, there are plenty of sign boards to guide you. You can also watch my series of videos showing the terminals and parking garages or lots.

Link to my PortMiami videos

My videos are available on Youtube. Go Here to Watch!

Upcoming Cruise Ship Schedule

I do not know of a reliable cruise ship schedule where one can see the berthing or docking locations of cruise ships. In the meantime, please use the map below and the cruise ship locator to find your ship!

PortMiami Cruise Terminal Map

PortMiami Cruise Terminals and Parking Map
PortMiami Cruise Terminals and Parking Map (click to enlarge)

Ship Locator

This map is easy to use! Simply zoom in out out and hover over the BLUE ships for names and information. The BLUE ships are cruise ships.