Stiles Falls in Virginia

Stiles Falls in Montgomery County, Virginia

Stiles Falls was named after Randolph Stiles who sadly lost his life near the Falls during a Sunday School picnic. It is a very pretty waterfall at the end of a scenic 1.6 mile hike.

The Falls is located on the property of Alta Mons – a summer camp and retreat center of the United Methodist Church near Shawsville, Virginia.


It is best to look at our Google Map to ensure you do not get lost!

Make your way to Alleghany Spring Road (SR-637) and look for Camp Alta Mons on the south side of the road. Drive up to the office on the left and park in the small lot on the right. DO NOT enter the gate with your vehicle.

Do check in with the office as a courtesy and sign your name on the visitor sheet next to the gate.

The trail is clearly marked and easy at first but you have to cross a stream 3 times and may get wet! Near the Falls the trail get steeper and rougher as you can see in the slide show below.

Please wear proper hiking shoes to prevent slipping.

Trail Map

Trail Map Stiles Falls - Virginia (click to enlarge)
Trail Map-Stiles Falls (click to enlarge)

Trail Profile

Stiles Falls Trail Profile
Stiles Falls Trail Profile (click to enlarge)

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