All you need to know about parking at or near Fort Lauderdale Port Everglades!

(Updated – December 21, 2018)

There are three Port Everglades parking options to consider:

  • Parking ship-side
  • Parking off-site
  • Parking in hotel lots

Port Everglades Parking Ship-side

Port parking is managed and operated by USA Parking. Parking Information – (954) 468-3680 or (954) 462-7287. Have all your cruise documentation and identification ready as you approach the Port area.

The map below shows the five parking lots at Port Everglades, the cruise terminals and port entry/security gates (SR 84 gate is not shown but is to the left). Costs are $15 per day (a one night cruise count as 2 days = $30).

Take a ticket upon entry and pay as you exit the lots – advance booking not available nor needed. Handicapped parking is available – but note FREE disabled parking rules are strict and you need to talk to a parking agent as you enter (find him/her in the booth of the exit lane)

Oversized vehicles (requiring larger parking spaces or exceeding the height of the parking garages) cost $19 per day. Please note RV parking is problematic – it is best to call the port before arrival.

The general idea is to drive up to the Terminal entrance, then drop your luggage (and passengers if you choose) with the baggage agents and proceed to park after which you rejoin the rest of your party.

Port Everglades Parking
Port Everglades Parking (ship-side) – click to enlarge

Pros and Cons

You’ve driven far and the temperature is a blistering 90 degrees! Your family is a bit tired and you have more luggage than expected. It is extremely convenient to just drive up to your cruise terminal, hand your luggage to the attendant and have your family wait in the shade while you go and park in the shaded parking garage.  No waiting in the heat for crowded shuttles that are running late and no endless driving around the cruise terminals while dropping other passengers – all the while hoping no-one takes your luggage by mistake from the trailer behind!

After your cruise your family may be sunburned, tired of crowds and everyone just want to get home. While other passengers are waiting for shuttle buses, you just walk out to your vehicle (hopefully parked in a garage out of the sun), pick your family and luggage and drive home.

  • The benefits are convenience, less frustration and parking in a shaded garage (depending on your cruise terminal). 
  • The obvious drawback is cost. But consider this – many cruisers try to save money by parking off-site. They can save anywhere from $15 to $80 for the duration (do not forget about tips). Then they get frustrated with the off-site shuttle buses and end up calling taxis and pay $18 or more each way (tips included) – thereby negating a slice of their savings especially for short cruises!

TIP – If you are budget-minded, our advice is to park ship-side for 3 or 4 night cruises and off-site for longer cruises. 

Parking Directions

Signs will direct you to your parking lot as you enter one of the three security checkpoints. You can enter at any of the three checkpoints but you may experience less traffic if you enter closest to your Terminal.

  • NorthPort – Turn south on Eisenhower Blvd. from 17th Street Causeway, or come east on State Road 84, entering the Port and turning left at Eisenhower Blvd.
  • MidPort – From I-595, go east straight into the Port.

Some of the terminals are a bit tricky and explained here!

  • Terminals 1 and 2 parking access are outside the restricted area in order to provide access to the Convention Center.

Terminals 1 and 2 have a nice covered multi-level parking garage with walkway access to Terminals 1, 2 and 4. Enter from Eisenhower Blvd north of the security checkpoint.

  • Terminal 4 parking

The surface lot parking area for terminal 4 is smaller and may fill before your arrival. In that case you will be directed to the Terminal 2 parking garage. Drop your luggage at Terminal 4 then drive to the Terminal 2 parking garage. After parking, proceed to the 2nd level area where you pass security before using a walkway to re-enter Terminal 4.

  • Terminal 18 parking

It has a large surface parking lot. When full, you will be directed to the Terminal 19 surface parking lot nearby. Drop your luggage/passengers first!

  • Terminals 19, 21, 25, 26  and 29 parking

The multilevel midport parking garage is the preferred parking for these terminals. When full, you will be directed to the Terminal 19 surface parking lot. Drop your luggage/passengers first! There are free shuttle buses between the midport parking areas and Terminal 29.

Port Everglades Off-site Parking

There are 6 popular off-site parking lots with a 15-minute drive from Port Everglades. As can be expected, the closest lots are more expensive but all are cheaper than the ship-side options.

Look for the parking lots on this map! 

Most parking lots can be booked online in advance. There are discounts for advance bookings so do consider booking before arrival.

You have choice of booking direct with the lot operator/owner (see websites below) or via third-party booking agencies/brokers who specialize in port/airport parking nationwide.

TIP – These booking agencies are often cheaper than booking direct! Do check them out!

Here are typical SEVEN NIGHT (8 days) pre-booked cruise parking rates in December 2018 BUT please get accurate quotes for your own dates! Competition dictates frequent rate changes!

And do pre-book online – you will pay more if you just show up at the lots.

Ship-side parking for 8 days = $120

(click on the names for pictures and links)

  • Park’NGo – Select “Ft Lauderdale Cruise” on the booking form.  $68.72
  • Park’NFly – Select “Ft. Lauderdale Cruise” on the booking form. $107.83
  • Embassy Suites Lot – May no longer be available at a discount
  • Renaissance Hotel Garage – Managed by Quick Parking. Book via 3rd party agencies below. From $68.37
  • Pier 66 Hotel Parking Lot – Managed by United Airport Parking. See below. From $60.65
  • Gold Coast Cruise Parking – Select “Cruise Parking” on the website. $94.95
  • FLL Park Safe – Select “Cruise Ship Parking” on the website. You can book covered or open surface parking. $86.55
  • Park by the Ports – Select “Cruise Port Parking” on the website. $81.00
  • SimpleAirportParking – Manages two lots. Self-Park FLL in Dania Beach – $66.48. In partnership with Park 24/7 or Quick Park – $63.99. Select PORT EVERGLADES on the website (Cruise Parking Tab) then pick a lot.
  • 3dollarairportparking – Try them out but the website is not user-friendly. They are located across the street from the Haven Motel near the Port. Advertises $10 per day plus taxes.

Typical 3rd-party agencies:

(NOTE – some of these appear to be the same companies and while the ownership may be the same, each company (website) get different spaces assigned to them so please check all of them despite the similarities!)

United Airport Parking – Select “Fort Lauderdale Cruise Ports” on the booking form. They typically represent the Pier 66 Lot, the Quick Parking Suites lot (Renaissance) and the Park by the Ports lot. – Select “Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port” on the booking form. They typically represent the Pier 66 Lot, Park by the Ports lot and the Quick Parking Garage (Renaissance).

Pros and Cons

The benefit is cheaper parking if you are budget-minded.

The drawbacks are plenty

  • The lots are often not as secure as promised and only as good as the least trusted employee. Do you keep your car keys?
  • The rates you see advertised are rarely the amount you pay! You have to complete the booking forms or call to get the actual costs (with service fees and taxes added). And you have to consider tipping the shuttle driver.
  • Rates for the same lot varies greatly depending on where you book (see above)! You have to shop around to find a booking agent with the lowest parking specials!
  • Shuttles often get delayed due to unforeseen problems (such as slow passengers) and wait times between shuttles are increased
  • Shuttles are packed (especially on the return trips from the cruise ships)
  • Watch your luggage while passengers unload! It is very possible for someone to mistakenly grab the wrong bag while in a hurry at the cruise terminal. You will not know about this until you reach your own stop, creating a huge problem!
  • Shuttles make multiple stops – sometimes including a drop at the airport on the way to the cruise terminal! If your ship is number 6 on the drop-off list it will not be a fast transfer!
  • Frustration do set in and many passengers simply call taxis (especially after the cruise while fighting the crowds at the ship). After tipping the shuttle and taxi drivers, their savings are diminished.

TIP – If you are budget-minded, our advice is to park ship-side for 3 or 4 night cruises and off-site for longer cruises. 

Port Everglades Parking at Hotels

There is no consistent advice that can be shared because the options vary greatly depending on your booking. Some hotels do not allow parking while you are cruising while others have different rules/rates depending on how you booked.

You have a few options:

  • Book direct with the hotel. Our hotel section list all the popular hotels with parking/shuttle/review information.
  • Book via an online hotel booking agency but these are best for room-only bookings. Trivago is an excellent source for price comparison. There are other favorites like ValueTrips and Priceline 
  • Book with specialist sites that offer packages to include breakfast, parking and shuttles (for example). Stay123, ParkSleepFly

Pros and Cons

The benefit is obviously peace of mind and the ease of simply booking a hotel package with everything included. Sometimes it is cheaper too.

The drawbacks are:

  • Hotel shuttles are often subcontracted to local transportation companies and quality of vehicles/service vary.
  • Many hotels offer free airport shuttles but port shuttles cost extra.
  • Hotel shuttles to the Port often run on a limited fixed schedule – say 10am and 11am. They do not run non-stop so plan accordingly! If you get frustrated with waiting then calling a taxi will negate your package savings
  • Hotel cruise shuttles make various stops (including the airport at times). If your stop is number 6 then you will get a tour of the Port!
  • Watch your luggage while passengers unload! It is very possible for someone to mistakenly grab the wrong bag while in a hurry at the cruise terminal. You will not know about this until you reach your own stop, creating a huge problem!
  • The wait times for hotel shuttles from the ship back to the hotel at the end of the cruise can be frustratingly long! Many passengers simply hail taxis. Keep this in mind before paying upfront for return hotel shuttles.