Popular Brickell Miami Hotels for Cruise Passengers

Brickell Miami Hotels for Cruisers

Brickell Miami Hotels are extremely popular for good reason and Brickell is my top choice for pre-cruise stays at PortMiami.


The area is safe and very walkable with a wide selection of restaurants, bars, shops and cruise necessities such as grocery stores and pharmacies. It has two fabulous shopping centers.

The towering modern skyscrapers are visually stunning at night and your senses will immediately feel the energy of this fast-growing district.

You have many wonderful hotels to choose from as shown on the map below. The Hampton Inn, Marriott, SLS Lux and EAST are the most centrally located.

In our opinion the Homewood, Atton, and Extendend Stay are somewhat isolated in terms of public transport and the area is not as vibrant as the rest of Brickell shown on my map. The Aloft Hotel is also a bit further away.

At times the areas underneath the MetroRail tracks attract aggressive homeless and I prefer to avoid it after dark. For this reason I prefer the hotels to the east of the MetroRail tracks.

NOTE – The Brickell area of interest to cruisers is quite small. It is only 0.7 miles from the Four Seasons to the W Hotel (15 minutes walking)! But if you want transport, you have many options!

Map - Brickell Hotels near PortMiami
Map – Brickell Hotels near PortMiami


  • A driver-less experience!
  • The yellow line of the free metromover transport system runs through the middle of Brickell and connects it to Downtown Miami and beyond.
  • It takes only 30 minutes to ride the complete yellow-line loop, meaning you can reach Downtown Miami in under 15 minutes!
  • The City Centre Station is a part of the City Centre modern shopping complex!
Miami Metromover
Miami Metromover
Metromover Station - Miami
Metromover Station – Miami


  • Did you know you can use the train between MIA and Brickell?
  • As shown on the map, the Brickell station of MetroRail is near the Hampton Inn
  • Use the Orange Line for service to/from Miami International Airport Station. It takes 20-30 minutes
  • The MIA Station is at the Rental Car Center. From the station you take the MIA Mover to the airline terminals
Miami MetroRail
Miami MetroRail
Miami Trolley Stop
Miami Trolley Stop

Miami Trolley

If you take some time to study the FREE MIAMI TROLLEY routes you may find it very convenient for sightseeing!

  • The drivers are fun and knowledgeable. Just tell them where you want to go and they will assist you
  • Just look for the bus stops with the Palm Tree signs and flag the trolleys
  • The Trolley Route is displayed above the windshield as it aproaches
  • Once seated, every stop is announced. You can pull a wire to bell the driver.
  • The Biscayne and Brickell Trolley routes are of interest to Brickell visitors
  • FYI – the Coral Way Trolley stops at PortMiami (2 or 3 cruise terminals)
Miami Trolley
Miami Trolley


Cruisers love to stroll these two modern shopping areas in Brickell! It is all happening between the 10th St and City Centre Metromover stations!

Brickell City Centre – Much more than just an ultra-modern shopping mall. It has office space, residential towers and the EAST Miami Hotel!

Mary Brickell Village – A neighborhood complex with an outdoorsy feel designed to create a “downtown” experience.

City Centre - Brickell Miami
City Centre – Brickell Miami
Mary Brickell Village Shops
Mary Brickell Village Shops
Map-Brickell Shops in Miami
Map-Brickell Shops in Miami

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