Overall Run Falls in Virginia

Overall Run Falls in Shenandoah National Park – Warren County

At 93 feet, Overall Run Falls is the highest in Shenandoah National Park but also the most frustrating to visit and photograph!

We all want beautiful photos of this waterfall but the Park Services seemingly do not want to clear a few obstructive trees! Whatever their reasons, it is a shame because it could have been an incredible reward after such a long and steep hike to get there.

I hiked to the Falls from both the top and bottom parking areas and the easiest way is from the camping area at Mathews Arm. If you do not want to camp then the hike from the bottom is more scenic. Most visitors, however, park at Mile 21.1 and hike down.

The base of Overall Run Falls looks impossible to reach but it is actually not that hard! Just follow the directions below.

Overall Run Falls Base
Overall Run Falls Base


Please study my Virginia Waterfall Map for accurate locations.

The top parking area is at Mile 21.1 near Hogback Overlook.

Overall Run - Top Parking
Overall Run – Top Parking

The bottom parking area is a small turnout at the end of CR630 near Bentonville. Do not block any entrances! Please find it on my map. Then follow the road into the Park where you will trail markers.

Overall Run - Lower Parking
Overall Run – Lower Parking (room for 10 or so vehicles)

From Mathews Arm camping area just look for the Mathews Arm Trail. You can park in the Amphitheater parking lot if the roads are open.

Trail Map

Trail Map - Overall Run Falls
Trail Map – Overall Run Falls (click to enlarge)

There are two waterfalls of note. The first is called Twin Falls and you can see it after 2.7 miles when hiking from Skyline Drive.

The Overlook for Overall Run Falls is at about 3 miles.

Overall Run Falls Overlook
Overall Run Falls Overlook (falls on the left)

To reach the base, continue down to mile 3.3 where you will find a camping area. Behind the camp site, bushwhack down to Overall Run Creek and up to the base just a short distance away. It is not a difficult bushwhack.

If you hike from the bottom parking area, there is a very popular swim hole at mile 1.

Overall Run - Swim Hole
Overall Run – Swim Hole

You will coss Overall Run twice on your way uphill. If these crossings are dry as shown in the ohotos below, you can expect Overall Run Falls to be just a trickle unfortunately!

Overall Run - Crossing 1
Overall Run – Crossing 1
Overall Run - Crossing 2
Overall Run – Crossing 2

Trail Profile

This is the profile for the most popular route from Skyline Drive to the Overlook

Profile - Overall Run From Skyline
Profile – Overall Run From Skyline (click to enlarge)