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There is a resurgence of bookshops! Between 2009 and 2015 there was a 40% jump in new independent (indie) bookstores after a decade of decline


Because when we spend so much time on devices like phones and e-readers and computer screens, a good book is an escape. For one thing – we do not get interrupted by email or SMS while reading a real book!  But in reality we all love to turn actual pages and be mesmerized by what comes next!

1. Virginia Waterfalls – Guide for Explorers

This is a coffee table book with beautiful full-page color photos of 60-plus accessible waterfalls in Virginia!

Virgina Waterfalls
Book Cover – (click to enlarge)

Every photo is accompanied by a short description, a 3D-map and a link to trail photos and GPS routes which can be downloaded to your phone! Never get lost again while looking for Virginia waterfalls.
Apple Orchard Falls Map
Apple Orchard Falls Map (click to enlarge)
Projected release date is late November 2018 – just in time to surprise the explorers in your family with this beautiful keepsake that will enhance any living or family room and motivate everyone to get out and hike!


2. Fabulous Itineraries – The Blue Ridge Parkway

A concise mile-by-mile timeline for experiencing the best of the 469 mile Parkway for motorists, bikers, cyclists and hikers!


Projected release date is early Spring 2019!


Blue Ridge Parkway Book Cover
Book Cover (click to enlarge)

3. Mainstreet America – A Quest to Discover the Downtowns of America!

This is an online (not printed) project to help promote Mainstreet America!
We love to explore America’s neighborhoods and towns!
By doing so we contribute in helping to revitalize the downtowns and main streets which, in return, build stronger and safer communities. 
While our aim is to eventually cover every State in America, we begin in Florida followed by Virginia.
The idea is simple – after much online research we compile a list of about 100 interesting downtowns, neighborhoods and/or communities in each state. We film short high-resolution (4K actually) videos of each visit and publish these on YouTube and Facebook with links from Instagram, Twitter, etc.
Over time (usually 6 months or so), with the input from our social media readers and viewers, we narrow the selection down to a Top 20 list.
We then return to each of the twenty finalists and film a more professional presentation to capture the sights and sounds of each place. The end-product is an online article (on this website) accompanied by video and photos to showcase each destination and to encourage visitors to exit the highways and explore the best Mainstreets in each State!


4. A guide to Florida’s Busiest Cruise Ports – Canaveral, Everglades and Miami

This is an online (not printed) project to help the millions of cruisers who visit these ports every day.
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