Port Everglades Fort Lauderdale Map

Interactive Map of the Port Everglades Area

This map shows all the important locations of places you might need when planning a cruise from Port Everglades.

We show all the popular cruise hotels, ship-side parking garages, cruise terminals, car rental offices, restaurants, off-site parking lots, shops and water-taxi routes with stops.

Everything we cover on this website are marked on the map.

  • Looking for the locations of rental car companies near the Port?
  • Which hotels are closest to a water-taxi stop?
  • Where to eat near a specific hotel?
  • How to find the ship-side parking garages?
  • Are there any  off-site parking lots near the Port entrance gates?
  • And more…

We suggest you open the full-page large map for easy navigation using your browser.

To open the map in a browser session for more control, go here:  Port Everglades Google Map.