Garrett Creek Falls in Virginia

Garrett Creek Falls in Washington County, Virginia

Garrett Creek Falls (45-foot) is a roadside waterfall located on private property but clearly visible from the road.

If driving north on Garrett Creek Road (CR 611), Garrett Creek Falls will be on your left. You can pull over on the narrow road and take a quick picture but do not linger long and please do not trespass! It is tempting to scramble down the bank to take a closer look but don’t!

Unfortunately you may find some trash at the foot of the falls. Some it are just the result of flooding but folks also use ravines to dump their old tires, appliances and furniture. Really sad.

Garrett Creek Falls can be found on our Virginia Waterfalls Google Map.

Trail Map

Map-Garrett Creek Falls-3D
Map-Garrett Creek Falls-3D (click to enlarge)