Free Camping in Florida – The Ultimate Guide to Public Campgrounds and Dispersed Sites – Part 1

YES, FREE camping is possible in Florida!

At first glance, finding free camping in Florida is an easy process. Simply go to one of several websites or camping phone apps and browse an area of interest. But that’s when things get interesting because the State of Florida is host to a variety of free (or cheap) camping possibilities and many ways to book a site!

In this article, I discuss the overall management or organization of public camping (free or not) in Florida. It is important to understand this Organization Chart because ultimately you are required to have a solid understanding of the rules and regulations of each wildlife/outdoor department or branch of the State of Florida.

Free Camping Resources

Here are the two best websites to research when looking for free or cheap campgrounds in Florida:

  • Campendium

Other websites/apps to try:

  • The Dyrt
  • FreeRoam
  • Allstays
  • iOverlander
  • US Public Lands – a paid app showing the boundaries of public lands

It really depends on what you are looking for and your experience level. If you are familiar with an area it is best to go directly to the relevant website, for example, the National Forests in Florida –

Regardless of the source of your information, it can be incomplete/missing, dated, vague or plain wrong! In addition:

  • Every season in Florida brings new camping challenges and site reviews can be misleading. For example, a campsite gets 5 stars in January but go camp there in June and you may encounter swarms of biting yellow flies and aggressive mosquitoes.
  • Hunting seasons present more challenges and campers are expected to know and respect the many different hunting timetables and rules.
  • Vague directions can get you lost and you cannot depend on cell phone service to assist you!
  • Road conditions vary greatly depending on seasons and rainfall. Florida remote camping is often on swampland and roads flood easy. High-clearance 4WD vehicles do provide peace of mind.

For these reasons (and others), I’ve decided to do some research and author a series of articles explaining the options for free (or cheap) camping in Florida.

Free versus Cheap Camping

Free camping is available in Florida but with strings attached! I will get into the details of this in future articles but for now, just be aware there are different procedures and rules in place when camping for free on different lands.

For example, some free sites require online booking. Others are available on a first-come-first-serve basis, meaning you can just show up. Most have stay limits (14 days usually). Some free sites are closed in hunting season or other times of the year.

Unfortunately, the most popular free camping locations in Florida are often fully occupied in winter when snowbirds flock to the area. At times you may have to opt for a fee-based site. For this reason, I include cheap campgrounds and sites in my articles. How much is CHEAP you wonder?

  • $1 – $10 per site per night – CHEAP camping in my opinion.
  • $11 -$20 per night – AFFORDABLE camping.
  • $21 plus per night is generally beyond my budget except for special occasions. These campgrounds are mostly in State Parks and a lack of privacy can be an issue despite the high rates. It is a shame that some Florida State Park campgrounds are poorly planned and overpriced.

Terminology – Dispersed Camping

If you camp on public land away from a designated campground, you are doing dispersed camping! Generally, this means no services; such as trash removal, and little or no facilities; such as tables and fire pits. Some popular dispersed camping areas may have toilets – either seasonal or permanent.

In Florida, dispersed camping is allowed on some (not all) public land and during certain times of the year. I will discuss this in future articles but hunting season (“general gun” in particular) is not the best time to disperse camp! In most areas, you are then required to utilize designated campgrounds (often called “hunt camps”).

Terminology – BLM (Bureau of Land Management) in Florida

It irks me when folks talk about free BLM camping in Florida because BLM Camping does not exist in Florida! BLM is huge out west but not so in the East.

I will say a lot more about BLM in future articles but for now, let’s stop using the term “BLM Camping in Florida”. Please, folks!

Terminology – Boondocking versus Dry Camping

I use the term “boondocking” rather loosely! In my writings, it covers all types of overnight stays as long as it’s free. A Walmart parking lot can be a boondocking spot, or a truck stop, or a pullout along a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. These are short-term stays and you generally do not set up camp. At times you must park stealthily in order to avoid law enforcement officials!

Dry Camping refers to actual camping but without hookups of any kind. You camp at some basic level without available water sources, power, or sewer. It can be challenging especially in the heat or cold but it is often the most rewarding style of camping.

Free camping in Florida requires a dry camping setup – you have to be self-efficient and self-contained! Water and even the occasional toilet and/or dump station are available at a few free campsites but you cannot depend on it because these may be locked for some reason or another. I will point to these sites in upcoming articles.

Organization of Public Camping in Florida

Organization of Camping in Florida
Organization of Public Camping in Florida – source: Eben Schoeman (click to enlarge image)

The State of Florida has 3 departments that are of great interest to outdoor enthusiasts. These are marked in blue in the chart above. I will discuss them in more detail in upcoming articles:

  • Department of Environmental Protection
  • Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)
  • Agriculture and Consumer Services

The State of Florida also has stewardship of the lands of 4 national organizations (most of these are well-known and very popular destinations) and dotted-line connections to local county and city governments:

  • National Forests
  • National Parks
  • Army Corps of Engineers
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • City and County Parks in Florida

Looking at the chart above, there are many “owners” of public camping lands in Florida with many different booking procedures and rules. As stated earlier – in upcoming articles I will explain them all!

To prepare for my future articles, please study my map below.

  • The campgrounds or sites of each Department or Division are shown in different colors. Click on the Table of Contents icon (top-left) to see the Index.
  • Nightly rates are provided in most cases but this is a work-in-progress! I show both FREE and FEE-BASED campgrounds.
  • If you find a missing campground please let me know!
  • Only campgrounds accessible by vehicles are shown. Walk-in sites are not shown unless next to a parking area.
  • RECOMMENDED – To open a FULL-SCREEN version of the map, simply click on the square in the top right.

Free or Cheap Camping Map of Florida

This map shows each of the campgrounds or areas, grouped by color. For example, State Park Campgrounds (fee required) are shown as Orange, National Park Campgrounds (fee required) are shown in Red.

In Part 2, I write about BLM and its presence (or lack thereof) in Florida!

YES, Take me to Part 2!

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