Falls Run Waterfall in Virginia

Falls Run Waterfall in Shenandoah County, Virginia

If you thought there are no waterfall surprises left in Virginia, think again because Falls Run Waterfall will take your breath away!

If you visit in the Spring or when the nearby creeks run high, you can stand underneath this 60-feet high waterfall and let the cool water refresh your soul like nature intended!

But, the 1.7 mile hike is steep and the trail is very rocky especially the first 0.2 miles after leaving the lower parking lot. The higher parking lot (accessible certain months when the gates are open) puts you closer to the better part of the trail but the steepness remains!

There are huge boulders at the base of the waterfall and some are very slippery. Be careful!


Always follow our Google Map of Virginia Waterfalls for accurate directions.

If you want to park closer and save 0.7 miles (making the hike 1 mile one way instead of 1.7) , it is best to call the Lee Ranger District and ask if the gates on FR252 are open BEFORE arrival. If open then you can drive up and park at the top lot (room for 10 or so vehicles) as shown on the trail map below.

We do not like surprises so we alway park at the end of VA701 (room for 2 or 3 vehicles in the lower parking area) meaning we can hike at any time! There are no gates and it is tarmac most of the way.

  • Regardless of your parking choice, you will head uphill on a yellow marked trail. lower parking – walk towards the house and the yellow Forest Service trail crosses Falls Run Creek to the right. No need to enter the private property! Stay on the trail until you cross FR252 then continue for 0.6 miles to the left turn (white trail) down to the waterfall
  • upper parking – walk towards the gate and look for the yellow trail on the right just beyond the gate. Continue for 0.6 miles and turn left (white trail) down to the waterfall

The trail down to the waterfall is also steep and a bit rough. Take it easy!

Watch the slide show below to see the trail conditions.

Upper Parking - Falls Run Waterfall
Upper Parking – Falls Run Waterfall


Trail Map

Trail Map-Falls Run Waterfall
Trail Map-Falls Run Waterfall (click to enlarge)

Trail Profile (one way)

Trail Profile - Falls Run Waterfall
Trail Profile – Falls Run Waterfall (click to enlarge)

Trail Slide Show