Falls of Dismal Creek in Virginia

Falls of Dismal Creek in Giles County, Virginia

It appears everyone knows about the Falls of Dismal Creek! With an Appalachian Trail camping area on its eastern bank and its proximity to Blacksburg, you will always have company when visiting.

It’s pretty and just a very short downhill walk from the parking area.


Please look at our Google Waterfall Map for the exact location of Falls of Dismal.

While traveling north on VA-42 from the town of Bland, turn left on CR-606 then right on CR-671 (just past the convenience store). The road will soon turn into a bumpy unpaved road.

Look for a pullout on the right after exactly a mile. Walk down the sometimes slippery embankment and enjoy the Falls of Dismal!

Falls of Dismal - parking
Falls of Dismal – parking
Falls of Dismal - trail
Falls of Dismal – trail

Trail Map


Trail Map-Falls of Dismal
Trail Map-Falls of Dismal (click to enlarge)