Cheapest Cruise Parking – Port Canaveral – 2020

Cheapest Cruise Parking near Port Canaveral in 2020

Are you looking for the cheapest cruise parking near Port Canaveral in 2020?

Consider a 7-night cruise for two people

The very convenient ship-side parking garages at Port Canaveral will cost you $17 x 8 days = $136.

Fortunately you can save money by parking off-site or even at your hotel if the Snooze and Cruise Package is any good!

Unfortunately, the savings are often not that great because some off-site lots are not cheap. Expect to pay between $90 and $95 at the most popular lots. You can read more on our dedicated page for Port Canaveral Parking.

Are there cheaper parking options?

Yes! But where to park depends on the number of people in your party.

With two people you pay only $40 at GoPort

What is the catch?

None when only 2 people! You park in their lot, lock your car, hop on their shuttle and arrive at your ship!

Sure, if you are driving north from the Port then you will be going the wrong way for 6 miles (since the lot is on A1A in Cocoa Beach) but this is just a minor inconvenience.

When more than 2 people you have to compare costs more carefully because you pay per person and not per car at this lot.

Where is this lot?

Under 6 miles from Port Canaveral and less than 15 minutes by shuttle.

Please find the location on our Port Canaveral Map.

Do I keep my car keys?


Is the parking secure?

The lot is not fenced but there are security cameras from the nearby hotel

How often does the shuttle run to the Port and Back?

You pick one of 3 departure times from the lot during booking. The return shuttles will be waiting when you disembark and run until all passengers have retrieved their vehicles.


Do I need to Book or can I just Show Up?

The lot is not large and does fill up so we recommend you book online as early as you can and pick a shuttle time.

We have 6 guests in one car. Will I pay more?

Yes, it will cost $65. You pay for the number of people and not the number of days. You may want to look at other options on our page – Port Canaveral Parking.

Off-site Cruise Parking Port Canaveral
Off-site Cruise Parking Port Canaveral