Orlando to Fort Lauderdale Port Everglades Transportation

Orlando to Fort Lauderdale Port Everglades transportation and shuttles

What options exist for Orlando to Fort Lauderdale Port Everglades transportation – a 210 mile trip?

Sometimes folks get really cheap flights to Orlando, or they follow their Disney/Universal vacation with a cruise from Port Everglades.

Best Options

Generally speaking most folks would:

  • Fly from Orlando Airport to Fort Lauderdale /Miami Airports
  • Rent a car and drive. Rest assured it is an easy 3.5 to 4 hour drive and you should seriously consider this even if you are from overseas. Do price the car to both Fort Lauderdale Airport and Port Everglades locations for rate comparisons.

Do Other Options Exist?

If you have a large family then flying is probably too expensive. A car rental is still your best bet but perhaps you do not want to drive for various reasons. You could be too young for example.

Let’s look at the rest of the choices.

NOTE – We do not keep track of the fares shown below! Please check with each company before booking!

Train or Railways

Amtrak comes to mind immediately! Especially for visitors from Europe where trains are central to long-distance travel.

Unfortunately, the ride takes 4h40mins to 7 hours and arrives too late for your cruise!

Amtrak ($34 pp) from Orlando to Ft Lauderdale departs at 10:20am and arrives at 5:17pm! 

So with Amtrak you need to spend a night at a hotel near the Port before your cruise.

The return trip may work better. The train departs at 8:50am and arrives at 1:20pm.

Uber or Lyft

Sure. And very convenient but not cheap. You can easy figure out the costs with the online apps plus tip! You may need UberXL if you have many bags.

Lyft – Around $180

UberX – Around $200

LyftPlus – Around $305

UberXL – Around $305


There are several “luxury” type buses to choose from. Unfortunately these do not stop at the cruise terminals (ESCOT is an exception during winter months).

ESCOT – $64 pp depart at 8am from Burger King on Consulate. Arrives 11:30pm (or a bit later) at your cruise terminal. Winter ONLY! Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday departures. End of October to early May.

Megabus – $18 depart at 8am from 902 Semoran Blvd. Arrives 11:50am at Ft Lauderdale Tri-Rail Station – 3h50. The return departs Ft Lauderdale at 8:30am and arrives at 12:50pm – 4h20. $15

Florida Express – $27 depart at 8am from Bus Depot. Arrives 11:40am at Ft Lauderdale Tri-Rail Station – 3h40

Red Coach – $38 depart from Orlando Airport at 10:05am. Arrives 1:55pm at Ft Lauderdale Airport – 4 hours. The return departs Ft Lauderdale Airport at 8:00am and arrives at 11:55am – 3h55. $35

Greyhound – $17 depart from Orlando 555 N John Young at 9:50am. Arrive at 1:20pm at 515 NE 3rd St – 3h30.  The return departs Ft Lauderdale at 8:20am and arrives at 11:50am – 3h30. $17

JavaX – $49 depart from Wawa as Station near airport at 6:15am. Arrive at 12:20pm at Fort Lauderdale Airport – 6 hours. The return trip departs at 7:15am and does not work for cruisers.

Jet Set Express – $22 depart from 3718 L.B. McLeod Rd at 7am. Arrive at 10:30am at Ft Lauderdale Tri-Rail Station – 3h30. The return trip departs at 6:30am and does not work for cruisers.

Another resource is GoToBus – an independent ticket broker for bus lines.

Shuttle Vans

There are at least a dozen minivan companies running daily shuttles between Orlando – Fort Lauderdale – Miami (generally they do not stop at cruise terminals).  Some stop in Hollywood, etc.

Fares can be as low as $20 per person or less. The catch is – the pickups and drops are generally in public places (outside a Denny’s, McDonalds, etc). So you have to make your way with all your luggage to one of these places and wait faithfully for some company to pick you!

What if they do not show up? Reviews online are generally not very favorable so that does not help either!