Blue Ridge Parkway – Roanoke to the North Carolina State Line

Blue Ridge Parkway – Roanoke to the North Carolina State Line

In this section we drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway from Roanoke to the North Carolina State Line.

Please study the map when planning your Blue Ridge Parkway journey and/or link to this website (and map) during your drive if you get lost, are looking for a specific destination or just want to see what’s coming up ahead!

The map below is completely interactive! Use the controls in the corners to navigate (zoom, move in different directions). Use the controls in the lower-left corner to change map type (default is satellite mode).

Press and hold your left button (on a normal mouse) to slide the map in any direction.

Zoom in for more details, change the background to a different map type, click on icons for links and photos. Note – you can zoom in further and see more details when the map is in satellite mode.


1. Blue Ridge Parkway is the red road. Side roads are a pinkish color.
2. Hike trails are marked in bright green.
3. Parkway Overlooks have green panorama icons. Click to see a photo of the view!
4. Some restaurants have numbers indicating their Tripadvisor rankings!
5. Points of interests have different icons. Look for wineries, hotels, breweries, visitor centers, campgrounds, bed-and-breakfasts, cabins, resorts, nearby gas stations and parking areas.
6. Camera icons show additional points of interests that are worth photographing.

Click to View Roanoke to North Carolina State Line in a larger map

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