Lace Falls in Virginia

Lace Falls

Lace Falls in Natural Bridge State Park – Rockbridge County

Lace Falls is a wonderful surprise at the end of the Cedar Creek Trail in Natural Bridge State Park! What makes the 30-feet cascade even more special is the path; it is accessible to all!

But be warned – the start of the trail is down a long and steep flight of stairs. There is scheduled transportation down to the Natural Bridge if you do not want to tackle this steep section on foot!

Along the 1.1 mile trail there is a cafe, the stunning 215-feet tall Natural Bridge, a recreation of a Monacan Village, a cave and other interesting stops!

And then there is the romantic Natural Bridge Hotel!

Natural Bridge Hotel
Natural Bridge Hotel


Take Rte 11 to the Visitor Center across the road from the Natural Bridge Hotel.

Please look at my Virginia Waterfalls Map for accurate locations.

After paying the entrance fee, proceed down to the Trail. Do stop to look at the limestone cascade to your left as you reach the bottom.

Limestone Cascade
Limestone Cascade

Then proceed to your right past the Cafe.

Natural Bridge
Natural Bridge
Cedar Creek
Cedar Creek
Saltpeter Cave
Saltpeter Cave
Monacan Village
Monacan Village
Lost Cave
Lost Cave

Trail Map

Trail Map - Lace Falls
Trail Map – Lace Falls (Click to enlarge)

Blue Suck Falls in Virginia

Blue Suck Falls

Blue Suck Falls in Bath County in Douthat State Park

Hiking to Blue Suck Falls can be a frustrating experience if you hoped to film a bone-crushing waterfall! Rather, focus on the journey and you will thoroughly enjoy the hiking and scenery in a wonderful State Park.

I’ve not seen much water at Blue Suck Falls but some online photos do show a very beautiful waterfall (cascade really) in flood.

There are several ways to reach the Falls from down at Douthat Road. I will describe a combination of trails that makes for a full day of hiking but with splendid views and two waterfalls!

This loop trail is just over 9 miles long and steep in places.


In Douthat State Park we will combine the Stony Run, Tuscarora Overlook and Blue Suck Falls Trails. Park at the Stony Run Trailhead.

Stony Run Trailhead
Stony Run Trailhead (click to enlarge)

 Please study my Virginia Waterfalls Map for precise locations.

The first waterfall appears after an uphill 1.75 miles. It is not big and mostly covered with debris but worth a look. 

Stony Run Falls
Stony Run Falls

At 4.8 miles you reach Tuscarora Overlook where you will find a small cabin and wonderful panoramic views!

Tuscarora Overlook
Tuscarora Overlook (click to enlarge)

Blue Suck Falls appear half-way down the mountain at 6.95 miles. It is on your left as you cross the creek. 

Near the bottom you can choose one of several trails but we like to hike to the Tobacco House Overlook for a final look at Douthat Lake before returning to Douthat Rd via the campground.

Tobacco House Overlook
Tobacco House Overlook

Then we walk along the road back to our vehicle. 

Trail Map

Trail Map - Blue Suck Falls
Trail Map – Blue Suck Falls (Click to enlarge)

Trail Profile

Profile - Blue Suck Falls Trails
Profile – Blue Suck Falls Trails (Click to enlarge)

Crab Orchard Branch Falls in Virginia

Crab Orchard Branch Falls

Crab Orchard Branch Falls is part of the wonderful Guest River Gorge Trail – 5.8 miles of paved trail for biking and walking/hiking!

Crab Orchard Branch is a creek that meets the Guest River at 1.8 miles and the Falls are just a short scramble upstream.

While the trail is wonderfully maintained please know you will hike downhill and returning will be a bit tougher so don’t overdo things! 

A tunnel on the Guest River Gorge Trail


From US 58 Alternate, head south on State Route 72 near Coeburn. Travel for 2.3 miles on this curvy, two-lane road. You will pass the Flatwoods Picnic Area on your right, and very soon afterward, you will reach a sign for the Guest River Gorge on your left. Turn left onto this paved road, which is Forest Road 2477, and drive for 1.4 miles until you reach the parking lot. The trailhead is marked with a kiosk at the edge of the parking area.

Please study my Virginia Waterfall Map for precise locations.

The beautiful Guest River

Trail Map

Trail Map - Crab Orchard Branch Falls
Crab Orchard Branch Falls (click to enlarge)

Trail Profile

Trail Profile - Crab Orchard Branch Falls
Trail Profile – Crab Orchard Branch Falls – click to enlarge

Whitetop Laurel Falls in Virginia

Whitetop Laurel Falls

Whitetop Laurel Falls in Washington County

The Virginia Creeper National Recreation Trail is a 34.3-mile rail-to-recreation trail and home to the small but very scenic Whitetop Laurel Falls! Many folks ride or walk past the Falls every day without even knowing about it!

I love going there with my bike. Parking is readily available and the trail is beautiful.

The easiest access is from a parking area exactly one mile away. It is a flat walk or bike ride to the Falls. As soon as you cross the bridge, look to you right and you will see Whitetop Laurel Falls. 


From Damascus, drive east along Route 58 for 4 miles and enter the parking area to the right. Restrooms are available. Follow the Creeper Trail downstream (to the right) for 1 mile!

Please study my Virginia Waterfall Map for accurate locations.

Trail Map

Whitetop Laurel Falls
Whitetop Laurel Falls (Click to Enlarge)

Comers Creek Falls in Virginia

Comers Creek Falls

Comers Creek Falls in Grayson County

Better known as a water source for Appalachian Trail hikers, Comers Creek Falls can be quite a sight after heavy rains! Like most Virginia waterfalls, it more of a cascade than a pure waterfall.

Fortunately, it does not require miles of hiking to experience it! In fact, the waterfall is just 0.4 miles from where you parked! And you get to walk a very short section of the famous Appalachian Trail!


Head west out of Troutdale on Route 16 and turn left on CR 741. After 0.45 miles look for a place to pull over. There are no parking areas here. Just make sure you do not block gates or roads or anything.

Please see my Virginia Waterfall Map for accurate locations.

Trail Map

The trail is on your right next to Comers Creek. It is a little steep in places. You will walk for about 0.3 miles to reach the Appalachian Trail then turn right and the Falls appear on your right soon after!

Trail Map - Comers Creek Falls
Trail Map – Comers Creek Falls (Click to Enlarge)

Trail Profile

Profile - Comers Creek Trail
Profile – Comers Creek Trail (Click to Enlarge)

Chestnut Creek Falls in Virginia

Chestnut Creek Falls

Chestnut Creek Falls in New River Trail State Park – Carroll County

Not much of a waterfall in terms of height, but the location of Chestnut Creek Falls makes it a very worthwhile destination!

Chestnut Creek Falls is part of the New River Trail – a 57-mile linear State Park that follows an abandoned railroad. It parallels the scenic and historic New River for 39 miles and passes through four counties and the city of Galax. The trail’s flat profile makes it great for hiking, biking and horseback riding.


The nearest parking is where Iron Ridge Road (607) crosses Chestnut Creek next to the Trail. The town of Fries is nearby. Being a State Park, there is a pay kiosk for parking ($5 in 2018).

Please visit my Virginia Waterfall Map for precise locations.

Then follow the trail and creek upstream for 1 mile until you reach a bridge. You will see the Falls to the left.

Trail Map

Trail Map - Chestnut Creek Falls
Trail Map – Chestnut Creek Falls (click to enlarge)

Waterfalls of Grayson Highlands State Park in Virginia

Lower Cabin Creek Falls

Lower Cabin Creek and Wilson Creek Waterfalls

Grayson Highlands State Park in Grayson County is home to at least 3 smaller waterfalls with Lower Cabin Creek being the most photogenic.

The Lower Cabin Creek Trail is a moderate 1.9 mile loop hike with the Lower Cabin Creek Falls as its main attraction. The Upper Cabin Creek Falls is not visible unless the Creek is flowing very hard.

Further to the east, the Wilson Creek Trail is a completely different matter! The 2.1 mile loop is a rough trail and steep with several options to enhance the hike. While the complete loop is best suited for serious hikers, everone can make it down to the Creek to fish and walk around.

There are several waterfalls along Wilson Creek but these look much better after heavy rains! The main waterfall is really a large cascade but it can be powerfull when the Creek is up.

Wilson Creek Falls
Wilson Creek Falls


Both trails are reached from inside the State Park (entrance fee).

Please visit my Virginia Waterfall Map for precise locations.

For Cabin Creek drive up to the Massie Gap parking area. It is best to hike clockwise once you reach the junction after 0.2 miles. Lower Cabin Creek Falls are at 0.75 miles. The Upper Falls are at mile 1.1

For Wilson Creek, drive east towards the Hickory Ridge Campground and park near the Country Store.  Waterfall lovers not afraid of rough trails should hike the anti-clockwise loop – basically following the Creek upstream. The Falls are at 0.95 miles.

For a somewhat easier hike, you can do an out-and-back along Orchard Road.

Trail Maps

Trail Map-Lower Cabin Creek Falls
Trail Map-Lower Cabin Creek Falls (click to enlarge)

Trail Map-Wilson Creek Falls
Trail Map-Wilson Creek Falls (click to enlarge)

Trail Profiles

Profile - Cabin Creek Trail
Profile – Cabin Creek Trail (clockwise loop) – Click to enlarge

Profile - Wilson Creek Trail
Profile – Wilson Creek Trail (anti-clockwise loop) – Click to enlarge